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POLMLEK offers a wide range of dairy products: Dutch and Swiss-type cheeses, mozzarella, cheese spreads, curd cheeses, creams, yoghurts, butter, UHT milk, powdered milk and others.

We also offer various milk desserts which are presently the most dynamically growing product category.



In the soft drink sector, Polmlek Group offers a wide range of juices, soft drinks and nectars. The leading brands include Fortuna, PYSIO and Garden. While following the consumers' lifestyle and nutrition changes, every year we launch new products containing special pro-health additives or new and convenient packages. We care about the environment – in the Tetrapak Plant-based packaging, 83% of packaging comes from renewable sources, traditional plastic has been replaced by sugar cane plastic. The package is 100% recyclable.

Polmlek Group is the first Polish producer of alternative drinks. The Nutri Vege brand was created as a response to the market need to be connected with the plant alternative for the dairy products. The Nutri Vege brand contains a row of vegan drinks: oat, soya, rice and vegan fruit, vegetable-fruit desert and porridge also. All the Nutri Vege products have marked the certificate V-label, which is a quality mark for the vegan and vegetarian products.