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Production plants

Production plants are located in central Poland and in the West Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurianprovinces.
The Polmlek Group also includes warehouses, service plants and attractively located hotels.

Safilait production plant, located in Morroco, in the Fkih Ben Saleh district has been operating on the Moroccan market since 2006 and is currently the third player in the dairy market in this country.The company employs over 1,500 people, generating 1.100 billion drihams (MAD) annually in revenues. It specialises in production ofUHT milk,freshmilkand fresh dairy products. In 2015 itjoined the Bel Group. In 2022, 100% of the concernshareis taken over by Polmlek International and the plant joins the Polmlek Group.


The Dairy Plant in Lidzbark Warmiński has been a part of POLMLEK GROUP since 2002 and it is the biggest and the most dynamically developing plant within the entire Group. Since the production plant is situated in the Warmia region, we can source raw milk from the area known as "the green lungs of Warmia and Mazury” and make top quality dairy products. The great opening of a WPC new production plant took place in May 2017 and this is currently the most modern WPC factory in Central Europe. The whole proccess from project to start took only 12 months.


  • 3 million liters of whey per day
  • Innovative technologies
  • Leader in whey protein and lactose production in Central Europe.
  • 75 million euro investment is located in the Warmian-Masurian Special Economic Zone
  • Target capacity: 6 milion liters of whey



Nearly 16 years ago, in the picturesque vicinity of  Maków Mazowiecki, one of the best developing  plants – presently operating as Mazowiecka Spółka Mleczarska S.A., cooperates with Polmlek Group since 2013. The dynamic development of the plant resulting in the growth of the number of suppliers and customers obliged the management to expand the procurement, production and warehousing divisions. In the recent years MSM became a Distribution Centre for the supplementary products of the whole POLMLEK Group.  Our product portfolio and the high quality of the dairy products have been appreciated by many consumers in Poland and abroad. Our Plant supplies a wide range of yoghurts, cheeses, innovative desserts, creams and curd cheeses.



The Gościno dairy plant was established in 1902. Between 2000 and 2012 the plant belonged to the Danish company Arla Foods.  At that time, the production of mozzarella cheese was launched here. Presently, the dairy plant specialises in making unripened rennet cheeses, i.e. the mozzarella cheese, a cheese-like product and ripening rennet cheeses, ie. the salami cheese.



POLMLEK RACIĄŻ sp. z o.o. (Co Ltd) has been in POLMLEK GROUP since 2006 and it specialises in the production of:  curd cheeses, UHT milk, powdered milk, whey powder, milk and fat powders.


The company started the production of butter and fat mixes in 2007. Two years later, the product range was expanded by hard ripening cheeses and cheese-like products containing vegetable fat. In 2011, the plant launched the production of cream with vegetable fat, yoghurt-like products and condensed whey.  A line for making the mozzarella cheese in blocks was put into operation in 2016.

MLEKO SP. Z O.O. (Co Ltd)

„Mleko” sp. z o.o. (Co Ltd) is located in Lipsko near Radom; it belongs to Polmlek Group since June, 2008. The plant offers a wide selection of curd cheeses, low-, half- and high-fat cheeses and powdered milk. We put our heart and soul into all products which are carefully made according to the traditional recipes. Cheeses from Lipsk come with a guarantee of being fresh and natural, with all the highest production standards maintained.



The factory in Tymienice operates 10 production lines (glass, carton and PET packages, production of fruit purées). The products are made according to the highest UE quality standards: the health safety system HACCP, the quality management system ISO 9001:2009 and the European standard BRC. The state-of-the-art Distribution Centre and its IT infrastructure was built in 2007.

The warehouse facility includes 36.5 thousand pallets (25 thousand in the distribution centre and 11.5 thousand in additional warehouses). Effective distribution: 160 trucks/day (27 pallets each), i.e. about 2 million litres of juices, nectars and non-carbonated soft drinks / day. In 2018 Fortuna received a certificate for diary production of milk-juice drinks.