Chesees from Goliszew

Cheeses from Goliszew – Butterkäse

ok. 2,7 kg

BUTTERKÄSE cheese comes from Germany, it’s also popular in the US, especially in the state of Wisconsin. In Ceko BUTTERKÄSE is made according to an original German recipe.
BUTTERKÄSE from Goliszew is creamy, half-firm, delicate with a slightly buttery flavor and a high fat content(50%), it melts easily and tastes incredibly on toast, gratin and in soup. This is Goliszew cheesemakers’ favorite.



Expiration date in days 90 days
CN 04069089
Number of items in a box 2
Number of boxes for a layer 12
Number of layers on a pallet 10
Net weight of a pallet 648 kg
EAN unit code 277397-weight
TAX 5%