Chesees from Goliszew

Cheeses from Goliszew – Mimmolle

ok. 2,7 kg

The inspiration behind MIMMOLLE cheese was a dark orange, hard cheese with a sharp taste called Mimolette, originated in northern France. Ceko’s MIMMOLLE cheese is adapted especially for polish consumers’ palates who prefer subdued flavors. It’s
light orange and delicate. It matures more than 8 weeks and has irregular big eyes. It tastes great on sandwiches and also cubed as a side for beer or wine.


Expiration date in days 90 days
CN 04069089
Number of items in a box 6
Number of boxes for a layer 12
Number of layers on a pallet 10
Net weight of a pallet 648
EAN unit code 255800 – weight
TAX 5%