Chesees from Goliszew

Cheeses from Goliszew – Piórko

225 g

It has a singular texture and a delicate taste. The fat content was reduced to 3% which makes it the least fat mature cheese on the market, ideal for those watching their weight or controlling their intake of fat for health reasons. Naturally PIÓRKO also contains much less cholesterol than most yellow cheese. On the other hand the content of calcium is heightened to 35% and because of that it is recommended for those who want to build up muscle mass. The content of calcium is increased up to 1300mg in 100g, which has a beneficial impact on bone structure.


Expiration date in days45 days
Number of items in a box20
Number of boxes for a layer10
Number of layers on a pallet8
Net weight of a pallet360 kg
EAN unit code5901625004792