Cottage cheese

200 g

Organic products are becoming more and more popular among Poles. Conscious consumers appreciate them for high quality, original character and excellent taste.

Products from the EKO line from Polmlek must travel a long way from ecological farms before they reach the store. Organic products, also called bio or organic, are based on the principles of organic farming certification.

It is a system that operates in respect of natural life cycles, providing fresh, tasty and healthy food. Products with a certain and proven composition, with certified origin, are marked with the characteristic symbol of Eurolist.

The right to place a green leaf on the label has producers who have obtained an organic production certificate. They have to meet many rigorous requirements and adhere to, among others prohibitions on the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, antibiotics for animals, food additives or measures facilitating its processing.

In ecological agriculture, there is no place for GMOs, and animals nurtured with care and attention to their natural needs. By choosing products from the EKO line from POLMLEK you act for your health, but also actively support the natural environment.

Expiration date in days 10 days
Number of items in a box 12
Number of boxes for a layer 8
Number of layers on a pallet 15
Net weight of a pallet 288 kg
EAN unit code 5907809285896