Fortuna multivitamin juice VITALITY

1 L

Fortuna Funkcjonalna (Functional) is a set of four juices responding to the consumers’ key needs.

Fortuna funkcjonalna (Functional) is available in four flavour variants:

  • ODPORNOŚĆ (IMMUNITY) – Orange and acerola,
  • WITALNOŚĆ (VITALITY) – Multivitamin,
  • URODA (BEAUTY) – Red Grapefruit,
  • TRAWIENIE (DIGESTION) – tomato with chilli.

Each of the products has a strictly defined purpose and supplies the organism with specific benefits, e.g. the high content of vitamin C from oranges and acerola supports the immunological system of the organism, the set of 12 vitamins helps reduce the feeling of fatigue and weariness and the chilli contained in the “Tomato with chilli” juice contributes to the reduction of weight.

The Fortuna functional juices are the response to the trend related to health and healthy diet and contain only natural ingredients and vitamins.

Energy value [kJ/kcal]187/44
Proteins [g]<0,5
Carbohydrates [g]10
Fats [g]<0,5