Massarella block


Melted cheese-like products were produced from carefully selected raw materials and the highest quality milk. They are dedicated to both spreading on a sandwich, but also as a component of many dishes prepared for heat. Packed in plastic cups is a modern and convenient alternative.

This is a non-maturing, cheese-like rennet product. It has a flexible consistency, and a mild taste and odour.

There is no colouring used in its production, hence its bright, natural colour. Perfect for direct consumption with basil, tomato slices, black pepper and olive oil.

Massarella is also an important ingredient of various dishes, such as pizza, salads, toasted items, and casseroles.

Expiration date in days 40 days
Number of items in a box 4
Number of boxes for a layer 12
Number of layers on a pallet 4
Net weight of a pallet ok. 600 kg
EAN unit code 296119-wagowy