NUTRI VEGE – Coconut with apple, banana, passion fruit, mango and chia seeds


Nutri Vege Coconut dessert with apple, banana, passion fruit, mango and chia seeds is a delicious combination that will provide the necessary boost of energy during the day.

The taste of a summer cocktail with exotic fruits and the addition of Spanish sage seeds, which was already valued by the Aztec tribes.

Chia is a rich source of Omega-3, calcium, protein and iron. Thanks to its health-promoting properties, chia is a superfood. It is also a very valuable source of fiber.

Velvet dessert is made only from vegetable ingredients. It is enriched with live cultures of yogurt bacteria, it does not contain lactose, making it easily digestible.

 It’s a delicious snack for any time of the day.

The product is available from May 2020.

Nutri Vege dessert:

  • is 100% vegetable
  • contains live cultures of yogurt bacteria
  • does not contain lactose
  • does not contain artificial colors and preservatives
  • addition of Chia seeds, which provide protein so important in a vegan diet

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