Vegan desserts with a natural taste

NUTRI VEGE – Coconut without sugar


Nutri Vege Coconut dessert without sugar is a dessert with a natural taste, which contains only naturally occurring sugars.

Nutri Vege Classic without sugar is a product that can be successfully added to salads or other dishes. It encourages you to create your own compositions, e.g. from fresh, seasonal fruit. At the same time, it is perfect as a base for dry dips.

Velvet dessert is made only from vegetable ingredients. It is enriched with live cultures of yogurt bacteria, it does not contain lactose and gluten.

The very low sugar content makes this dessert extremely healthy and light.

Enjoy the delicious and natural taste of Nutri Vege every day.

The product is available from May 2020.

Nutri Vege dessert:

  • is 100% vegetable
  • contains live cultures of yogurt bacteria
  • does not contain lactose
  • does not contain gluten
  • does not contain artificial colors and preservatives