NUTRI VEGE Vegan Oat Drink – Polish strawberry


Nutri Vege Oatmeal vegan to drink with the addition of oatmeal, linseed and strawberries smells summer and tastes delicious.

It’s a nutritious breakfast for vegans and more.

The fresh taste of strawberries from Polish gardens combined with oat grains will make you happy to reach for it everyday.

Made from 100% plants – based on coconut pulp with the addition of oats, linseed and sweet Polish strawberries.

The product is available from May 2020.


Nutri Vege is:

  • delicious and nutritious breakfast
  • contains OMEGA-3 fatty acids, supporting the cardiovascular system and having a positive effect on the brain
  • 100% plant product
  • does not contain lactose
  • rich in fiber due to the addition of oat flakes
  • excellent taste of natural porridge with strawberries