POLMLEK – Classic 80

High-quality fat produced on the basis of refined oils, vegetable and animal fats. The product is characterized by good aeration properties, has a delicate, subtle taste and smell, allows to obtain a large volume of products and a regular structure. A unique product of constant and repeatable quality, perfect for preparing all kinds of wheat, yeast, sponge-fat, shortcrust pastries and creams. The high quality of the components used and the unique production method guarantee optimal results for bakers and confectioners.
Fat content: 80 % (vegetable oils in variable proportions: palm, rapeseed, rapeseed completely hardened)
Expiration date 120 days
Number of items in a box
Number of boxes for a layer10  
Number of layers on a pallet 7
Net weight of a pallet 540 kg
EAN unit code 5904951002265
TAX 5%