Polmlek Natural Kefir

150 g

Polmlek natural kefir is a wealth of live lactic acid bacteria cultures. Thanks to this, it is a natural probiotic, supporting the body’s immunity.

It is easily digestible and low in calories, does not contain sugar. The fat content is only 1.5%. It is a rich source of calcium, also suitable for people who have difficulty digesting lactose. In the fermentation process, milk sugar is broken down naturally. Consumed regularly helps prevent colorectal cancer. Prevents atherosclerosis – microorganisms contained in fermented dairy products contribute to the absorption
and breakdown of cholesterol.


Expiration date in days21 days
Number of items in a box12
Number of boxes for a layer8
Number of layers on a pallet19
Net weight of a pallet361
EAN unit code5904951006003