Cream cheese

POLMLEK vanilla creamy cheese, fat content: 18%

0,5 kg

The Ulubiony creamy cheeses are produced from pasteurised milk with added pure bacteria cultures or rennet.

They are ready for direct use. They offer mild flavour and aroma. They do not contain any preservatives or hardeners. They do not need to be ground and they have a perfectly smooth texture.

The Ulubiony products are a guarantee of your successful baking.

The Capresi creamy cheese is produced from full-value milk proteins and contains all amino acids which the human organism needs to function properly.

Expiration date in days 35 days
Number of items in a box 9
Number of boxes for a layer 6
Number of layers on a pallet 12
Net weight of a pallet 324 kg
EAN unit code 5903240584512