Stars include Fortuna installation

Once a week, for the whole day, the selected star takes over @fortuna_polska's profile on Instagram.

As part of the ongoing image campaign, "DBAJ O SIEBIE! Fortuna created a weekly series of meetings with celebrities on its Instagram.

Once a week, the selected person takes over @fortuna_polska and publishes photos, videos and live updates. Allowing you to keep track of your fate in real time. The purpose of the action is to pay attention to the fact that in daily haste and burdens of duty, in an easy and fast way we can do something useful for your body. Just drink one glass of Fortun's juice to supplement one of the five recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Is there a simpler way to take care of yourself?

Profile Instagram @fortuna_polska have so far been taken over by: Anna Starmach, Barbara Kurdej-Szatan, Mariola Bojarska-Ferenc and Filip Bobek.

Who will be next?

We invite you to follow the profile of Fortuna on Instagram, @fortuna_polska and join in the fun together with the stars!