Chesees from Goliszew

Cheeses from Goliszew – Ricotta

240 g

RICOTTA is a whey cheese with a soft texture. In Ceko it is made naturally, without preservatives, which makes it creamy and delicate in taste just like a homemade cheese. RICOTTA can be served sweet or savory with sandwiches, can be used to bake
cheesecake or lasagna, as an addition to salads, pierogi dumplings or other dishes. WIEDENSKI RICOTTA is created with rennet – rich in vitamins and aminoacids. Rennet is comprised of easily
absorbable calcium and other ingredients that have proven prohealth benefits. Rennet and cheese that is made out of it should be eaten by children, the elderly and those in convalescence or practicing sports.


Expiration date in days 14 days
CN 04061050
Number of items in a box 14
Number of boxes for a layer 9
Number of layers on a pallet 6
Net weight of a pallet 486 kg
EAN unit code 293989-weight
TAX 5%