UHT Milk 1L and 900ml

POLMLEK – Koneckie Milk Three-week 2%

1 l
Three-week Koneckie milk is milk whose sterilization and aseptic packaging guarantee a 21-day shelf life. Can be turned on outside the fridge until set (0°C to 25°C) The pasteurization process that is applied to three-week-old milk enters the pathogenic bacteria while maintaining the excellent taste of the milk Although pasteurization destroys some microorganisms, Three-week old milk still provides nutrients including protein, calcium, vitamins A, D, B2 and B12.
Expiration date in days 21 days
Number of items in a box 15
Number of boxes for a layer 8
Number of layers on a pallet 4
Net weight of a pallet 563 kg
EAN unit code 5900628004099
TAX 5%