Pysio Breakfast apple-banana-pear 300 ml

300 ml

Choose your PYSIO’s drink and pack it in your backpack! Pear #punk, strawberry #rasta or peach #afro give you power to action. Let yourself be carried away by adventure and put in a good mood.  PYSIO Breakfast is a dense, fruity snack with addition of milk. Perfectl for small and large, for all those who want to start the day healthy and tasty. A practical bottle can be with you anywhere: at school, on the pitch or trip.

#pysio #simpleingredients #noaddedsugar # nosweeteners #nopreservatives #noartificialcolors #practicbottle #taketoschool #NFCjuice


EAN code 5901886037164
Number of pieces in a box 12
Number of cartons on a layer 21
Number of layers on a pallet 7
Expiry date 9 months