UHT Milk 1L and 900ml

POLMLEK Łagodne milk lactose-free 2%

1 l

The Łagodne Milk without lactose is a lactose-free UHT product which means that it can be consumed by people who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Its flavour is much sweeter than that of the regular milk since lactose is decomposed into simple sugars – glucose and galactose.

Therefore it is perfectly suitable for sweetening and whitening coffee. The slightly caramel colour of milk is a result of the technological process.


Expiration date in days 180 days
Number of items in a box 12
Number of boxes for a layer 12
Number of layers on a pallet 5
Net weight of a pallet 720 kg
EAN unit code 5907809284295
TAX 5%


Multipack options available:

                                12L (12 x 1L)

                                 12L (12 x 1L)

                                   6L (6 x 1L)




Model 3D: